About the USISEC (US India Skills & Education Council)

US India Skills & Education Council (USISEC) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, organization established to operate within the Skill & Education space of United States of America (USA) and India. USISEC enhances ties and creates opportunities for academic & vocational institutions, Industry and related stakeholders from both the countries. The council consists of well recognized members from academic institutes and industry from USA & India. By virtue of its distinguished board members, USISEC goal is to provide a platform to share knowledge, information and best practices among its members from both the countries, which ultimately leads to:

  • Collaboration among the best USA and Indian vocational training, skills development and higher education centers/institutions/ universities
  • Internationally aware and globally engaged faculty and students
  • Employable graduates prepared for globalized workforce
  • Industry linkages and engagements
  • Increased opportunities for internships, placements, affiliations, partnerships, joint ventures, trade delegations and other areas of collaboration