Linda Head, Secretary General - USISECLinda Head is the Secretary General of USISEC.

She is currently the Associate Vice Chancellor, Workforce Education and Corporate Partnerships at Lone Star College System (LSCS).

As the Associate Vice Chancellor, Linda oversees the Lone Star Corporate College customized training solutions, credit and non-credit workforce program development and evaluation, WIA, Perkins, professional development seminars and conference, and more than 30,000 square feet of conference space and catering services. Her responsibilities in Houston cover related activities at six college campuses in a 1,400 square-mile radius and more than 75 corporate accounts. As an expert in grant development, she and her team manage a multitude of state grants from ABE to customized corporate training.

Linda has spent her community college career developing a trained workforce for businesses and industry by developing the talent pool. She ensures that the community college delivers the credit and non-credit programs to prepare our citizens for current jobs that allow them to earn a livable wage. Under her leadership and direction, Lone Star College System embraces a comprehensive, transparent, collaborative approach to develop competency-based workforce programs designed through a partnership of industry leaders and educators, validated by labor market data.

Her career began in Houston with the oil and gas industry and with LSCS in 1986 as an adjunct instructor. She was hired as full-time faculty in 1989, and was quickly promoted to a variety of instructional and administrative positions.

Linda is involved in various professional, community, state and national organizations. She currently serves on The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce board, was appointed in 2010 to the state of Texas Governor’s Advisory Council for Economic Stakeholders and is president-elect for the National Association for Continuing Education and Training. She is regularly sought as a presenter at state and national conferences for her expertise on corporate training solutions, career pathways and women’s issues.

She earned her Master of Science degree in occupational technology with an emphasis in corporate training from the University of Houston, and a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Her husband, Steve, is also a community college professional. Her two children are lifelong learners holding advanced degrees and working in Houston.