Why Join?

  • Opportunity to network and collaborate with academic institutions, Government, Semi Government and Industry from both countries
  • Access to some of the best peer-to-peer seminars and meetings, all of which will help you and your faculty become global.
  • Guidance in areas of students recruitment in India for studying in the United States of America, branding, study abroad partnerships & collaboration, and event management
  • Discounted registration, speaking & sponsorship opportunities
  • Opportunity to be a part of annual delegation meeting from both countries
  • Listing of your institution on USISEC website

Who Can Join?

Academic Members:

Members include accredited, diploma & degree-granting institutions and systems from both countries. An International, national and regional association whose primary mission is skilling & higher education may also join.

Alliance Members:

Members encompasses corporations and foundations who wish to support vocational (skilling) & higher education in both countries and be connected with current trends, topics and leaders.

Cost of Membership

Academic Members

  • 800 for one year
  • 1500 for two years
  • 2200 for three years
  • 15,000 for Life

Alliance Members

  • 750 for one year
  • 1400 for two years
  • 2000 for three years
  • 15,000 for Life